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Service To Our Community

Tiffany comes from humble beginnings while she was young she served your dinner in a restaurant. When she graduated college she became a real estate legal assistant for a local attorney. There she found a passion for serving our community in the Clerk of Court's Office. 

Tiffany comes from a strong line of public service workers. Her husband John Couch is a retired United States Marine. Her father Stephen Todd currently serves our public schools in the technology department. Her mother Judy Todd currently provides administrative assistance to a center that provides services to teachers and students. Her Grandfather Dan Todd was a bank president and member of many service organizations to help his community. Her Great-Grandfather Bays Todd was also a constitutional officer. Her family has taught her the value of always putting our community first.

Tiffany feels it is important to continue her family tradition of serving others. Today she is currently a member of two local service organizations that are known for serving our community.

Paid for and authorized by Couch for Clerk

Use of military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement by any attorney office, government office, public school, technology department,  the Department of the Marines, and the Department of Defense. 

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