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Concealed Handgun Permits

Tiffany is excited to announce that she is currently working to provide our community the opportunity to renew their concealed handgun permits online for only an additional $5.00 to the applicant. She hopes to have this service available before the end of the year.


Jury Service Payments

Currently when our citizens have jury service they have to wait weeks after their term has ended before receiving payment. Tiffany would like to offer other forms of payment where our citizens can have access to their money within a couple of days after their term. She hopes to have this service available by the middle of her term as Clerk of Court.

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USA Flag


Tiffany would like to offer appointments at local retirement homes and/or in her office to answer any questions a citizen may have about how to make the probate process easier on their loved ones. Tiffany hopes to start providing this service by 2024.

In addition, by the end of Tiffany's term she would like to offer a service where citizens may fill out their probate paperwork online before their appointment.

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