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Meet Tiffany


Tiffany Couch is a lifelong resident of Montgomery County and she is currently the Master Deputy Clerk Supervisor at the Clerk of Court's Office. She grew up in Christiansburg and lives here with her husband, a retired United States Marine John Couch. She has a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice while specializing in political science from Radford University. Tiffany has always wanted to serve our community. Growing up her parents Stephen and Judy Todd taught her that you always put your community needs first.

If you have been in the Clerk of Court's Office since Tiffany first started in 2018 you may remember her polite smile, friendly demeanor, and determination to serve you. Many citizens come to Tiffany and her colleagues looking for help during the happiest and most difficult seasons of their lives. Tiffany feels it is important to continue her family tradition of serving our community. Today she is currently a member of two local service organizations that are known for serving our community. 

Before becoming the Supervisor, she worked in the records room for many years and she became very passionate about preserving our community's history. Her own family records can be found in our office. To date Tiffany has assisted in securing the Clerk of Court's Office $107,590.00 in preservation grants. Tiffany loves helping our community find the "hidden treasures" located in our office. Our counties history is in our office and Tiffany looks forward to working with her colleagues, volunteers, and government grants to preserve our records for future generations to enjoy.

Through Experience, Service, and Dedication to our future Tiffany Couch humbly asks for your vote and support for the office of the Clerk of Court on November 7, 2023.

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